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Laura D. Jackson
My true passion and hope in my life is to empower nurses with the authority and knowledge they need to succeed in business.
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Can Your Business Make You Lose Your House?
Questions arise when you are a business in the health care field and lives are literally on the line, are you liable?
How Crowd Funding Can Work For You...
If you are like most entrepreneurs you are wondering, where can I get additional funding?  With the advent of Social Media there are some new and interesting ways to get funding.
Top 5 Reasons You Need a Feasibility Study 
In Business, what you don't know, can hurt you.  This is exactly why you need a feasibility study.  This shows you exactly what your business needs to run and what you need to do to run it.
Why You Should Never Name Your Business This Way...
What's in a Name?  ALOT. Once you start your business and build your brand it is really hard to change a name and retain what you have worked so hard for.  Learn these stead fast rules in naming your business.
There Should Only Be One Boss...
Call it intuition or call it my need to control things, but I knew in the beginning of my business that there could only be one boss.  Decisions need to be made and things need to get done. I can think of an uncountable number of situations I was personally in, where my intuition told me to do something while everyone else on the planet was trying to tell me to do something else.
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